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iRafa Studio released WikiLeaks application for Android.

Probably you've heard about WikiLeaks scandal. Russian software developer iRafa Studio created an application that brings you full experience of browsing original Wikileaks documents, share articles with friends, read recent tweets (#WikiLeaks). Application works on any Android device based on Android OS 1.6 and above.

In the next update is scheduled to add the ability to change the language WikiLeaks, adding articles to favorites. And most important thing about this app - 50% of raised money will be sent to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Defence Fund. All statistics reports on application purchases and money transfers to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Defence Fund will be published in this blog, iRafa Studio site and sent to mass-media. If you want to subscribe reports fill in this form. Application is already available in Andoid Market for $ 1.99 only.


About iRafa Studio

iRafa Studio is a developer company in Russia founded in 2009 by Rafael Gilyazitdinov. The studio working on web projects(web sites etc.) and Android OS applications.

The studio's official website is available in Russian. Portfolio is available here (English - Google translate, Russian - original).

Studio already released 3 applications for Android:

  • Vkontakte Messenger is XMPP client for the most popular social network in Russia - Vkontakte (vk.com) (over 15000 purchases)

  • Dead Rider is a fascinating Moto freestyle game. (over 50000 purchases).

  • WikiLeaks is an application that brings you full experience of browsing original WikiLeaks documents, share articles with friends, read recent tweets (#WikiLeaks)


  1. iRafa Studio (Google Translate). Original russian

  2. Wikileaks app on Android Market

  3. Dead-Rider official site

Tags: android, wikileaks

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